Past Projects

"Watcher" (2016)

NOMINATED at Rack Focus Round 4 Film Festival (Dallas, TX):




Corporate, a company which specializes in kidnap and ransom has risen to become one of the most powerful companies in the world. Matt Steele, an ex-special forces operative, is on the verge of exacting his revenge on the corporation responsible for the kidnap and murder of his family. He has spent years working his way into a trusted position within the organization. Now that the pieces of his plan are in place, he is on his way out. Before he can retire, Matt must show his new recruit, Scott, the basics. But Scott is not there to learn from Matt, he's there to kill him. Matt uses his skills to defeat Scott and gains the trust of the newly kidnapped, Amy Whitmore. Amy helps Matt finish a plan seven years in the making-- the destruction of Corporate.

"Star Wars: Vengeance" (2016)

Director Timothy Hoang recently launched "Exltus Media":

An emotionally conflicted Jedi Knight is hunting his arch-nemesis, thousands of years before the main series. The journey complicates as he begins to learn more about his dark and mysterious past. Meeting a variety of characters along the way, he will stop at nothing until he avenges the death of his sister at the hands of the notorious Darth Kahli.

"Loop 5" (2016)

WINNER at 2016 London Film Awards:


Stumbling upon a 'Causal Loop' during an experiment, a man travels backwards in time at first only by minutes, then hours, each time losing a piece of himself, until unrecognizable he attempts to warn his future/past self and others to horrible consequences. 

"A Piece of Bread" (2016)

WINNER at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Festival (HIMPFF):


A young boy confesses to a robbery gone murder, while a priest works to uncover the truth.

"Underneath" (2016)

A short drama film about the evolution of sibling rivalry against the horrifying depths of obsession. 18 year old Rebecca Willingham is tired of being out-shone by her younger sister, Olivia, but she is put to the ultimate test of sibling love when her dark past comes back to haunt her - and take Olivia with it.

"You Gotta Be" (2016)

A freeloading thirty-something falls under a mysterious Chinese curse in this short comedy, making everything he eats turn to money ... that is, until the curse is lifted.