Current Projects

"Under Darkness" (2017)

"Under Darkness" is based on the inspiring true story of Faye Schulman who was a photographer and soldier during World War II. The project is funded by a prestigious grant by the Sloan Foundation through the University of Southern California. The filmmakers are looking specifically for Eastern European, German, and Russian actors and actresses.


In the shattered, broken world of Eastern Europe in World War II, a young Jewish woman named Faye Schulman struggles to find hope after Nazis murder her family. She learns that through her talent, skill, and passion for photography she can remember the past while documenting for the future.

"Theatre in the Round" (2017)

An Avant-Garde Film Director afflicted with Tourette’s syndrome pushes the boundaries through guerrilla filmmaking by ruthlessly casting a pair of unbeknownst homeless men in his awkward short film that makes no sense. This virtual reality short immerses viewers into the middle of a 1970’s independent film crew, capturing the subjects, locations and crew members from a 360-degree perspective. Literally the film camera is the jaunt camera sitting in the middle of the scene acting as a spherical recording device, where both subjects and camera crew are shot in real time.

This single continuous scene will give viewers the ability to look and follow whichever character they choose. Whether that be the confused actors, the crazy Director, or even the gaffers picking their noses and secretly doing drugs. Each separate viewing can be a different experience based on whatever narrative thread the viewer decides to perceptibly follow. The absurd narrative drives a performance taking place on and off screen, therefore forcing viewers to take advantage of the spherical image and look where audiences have not been allowed to look before; behind the camera.